Counseling After Abortion

When you’ve had an abortion, it’s normal to experience mixed emotions, even years later.

Maybe you hoped for a sense of relief and a chance to move on with your life. Perhaps you felt sadness or struggled to make peace with your decision.

And maybe you kept your abortion a secret out of fear that people would judge you or treat you differently if they knew.

Many women have these kinds of feelings and reactions after abortion. You’re not alone.

At Alternatives, we provide a safe and trusted place to talk after your abortion, whether it was recent or many years ago.

Our counselors can help you identify how it has affected you and your relationships. We provide resources that can bring healing and encouragement as you go forward in life.

With caring support, you can understand your losses and walk the path to peace.

You have Alternatives.

Confidential counseling and free support groups after abortion

Talk to someone right now and request an appointment.

Find a support group.

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Find a Support Group

Get the support you need
after abortion.

  • A safe place to talk with a trained post-abortion counselor
  • Opportunity to participate in a confidential support group
  • Recommended resources for personal reflection and growth

Common questions after abortion

Whether your abortion was recent or many years ago, it’s important to seek support for your healing process. At Alternatives, we focus on questions that affect your emotional, relational and spiritual well-being.


You’re not alone – listen to Susan’s story