Food for Thought with Josh Weidmann – Spring Benefit Event


Having trust is more than believing God doesn’t do anything without
a purpose. Trust is the act of committing ourselves to his safekeeping,
even in the moments of silence when it seems he has disappeared.

For Josh Weidmann, he knows full well that continuing to believe through vulnerable moments in life when God seems mute, muffled and mundane — moments when he is silent — is staggering and shakes our ability to feel safe.

But in the moments we don’t fully understand God’s ways, we can learn to trust his heart when we can’t hear his voice.

Overcoming God’s silence starts by understanding why he is so quiet. And Josh understands through tragedies like Columbine, that even then, God has a plan and is working when we may not feel it.

Trusting God is the antidote for overcoming the fear and confusion associated with God’s silence. It’s one of the most fundamental elements of our faith: Trusting God even when our heart and mind tell us not to.

With today’s difficult choices about life, there’s never been a greater need to trust.


Meet Josh Weidmann

josh-photoGod called Josh to preach about issues of life and the gospel at a young age in the wake of the tragedy at Columbine High School in 1999. As a junior at
a nearby high school and leader of Revival Generation, Josh shared the love and healing found in Christ through more than 40 worldwide media appearances following the tragedy, including ABC, CBS and NBC.

He has traveled around the world speaking with organizations like Youth for Christ and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. He is now the senior pastor for Grace Chapel in Englewood, Colorado.

In his new book, When God Goes Silent, Overcoming Fear When God Feels Far Away, Josh presents an honest and biblical exploration to find peace in the times when God feels far away.

Josh and his wife, Molly, have been married for eight years and have four children: Chandler, Gracie, Carolina
and Daisy.