Abortion Pill Reversal

“At-home abortions” or “self-managed abortions” are on the rise as efforts to prescribe the “abortion pill” via telemedicine is making pregnancy termination highly accessible. This drug-induced approach raises serious concerns in regard to the safety and wellbeing of the mother, in addition to ending the life of the unborn.  

Alternatives is committed to educating ALL young women and men in the Denver area with medically-accurate information and support as soon as they become aware of a pregnancy. It is the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of the patient that is of greatest importance 

 For the woman who takes the first (in a series of two) abortion pills and regrets her decision, there may still be time to change her mindAlternatives is part of a national organization that provides Abortion Pill Reversal care to women who have taken Mifepristone (RU-486). Our licensed and trained medical staff provide natural hormonal intervention to give a patient a second chance at choice, possibly saving the life of her child. Time and awareness are critical to the success of the reversal process. 

Alternatives needs ongoing support to reach abortion-vulnerable individuals in places where they get information; on social media and the internet. We must invest in reaching this next generation with hope, compassion and care. Our prayer is this powerful message of education and medically accurate information will spread throughout Denver. Women and men need to know Alternatives and how we serve. Wwant to be the FIRST CHOICE as a medical provider in an unexpected pregnancy. To be a part of this important effort, please donate to Alternatives. For more information, contact us at Mail@YouhaveAlternatives.org.

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Written by: Laura Johnson, RN, BSN
Nurse Manager

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