Abortion Pill Reversal is Saving Lives!

You have seen information from Alternatives over the past year about the impact of the abortion pill reversal process. Many women who take RU-486 (the abortion pill), have regrets very quickly. Thankfully, progesterone is a simple treatment that can reverse the course of the abortion pill drug. And progesterone, as we all know, has been proven harmless in pregnancy by five decades of use in the infertility industry.

In looking back over 2021, we served 12 women who had made the difficult decision to have an abortion, taken the first in the series of pills and then experienced an extreme amount of regret. How do we know it was extreme regret? They immediately sought out a way to reverse the effect of the pill and found ALTERNATIVES!

The challenging and heartbreaking side of this statistic is that only 4 out of the 12 made the ultimate decision to continue the progesterone treatment and go on to seek prenatal care.

But…that means there are 4 babies that were literally on the edge of death who now have a chance at life! That is worth celebrating. Each of these precious lives is a miracle and has eternal value in the sight of God.

Your monthly support allows Alternatives to be a nationally recognized abortion pill reversal provider. You are making an impact!

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