An Evening of Alternatives with Marc T. Newman, PH.D.

To speak with wisdom and know the right thing to say, at the right time, can be a matter of life and death for the unborn.

This is why Dr. Marc Newman is dedicated to equipping those of us who are passionate about the sanctity of human life with the words that can lead to understanding.

Marc knows too well that believing in the cause for life doesn’t always mean that we can defend it with truth and compassion. It takes training and encouragement to find our voice.

For nearly three decades, Marc has been teaching the truth about abortion, encouraging all of us to recognize our God-empowered ability to overcome evil and transform passion into action.

He exposes the myths we have come to believe and how the church is not immune to the danger of today’s cultural morality.

Here in the greater Denver community, Alternatives speaks for life every day. But all of us can benefit by learning how to better present a formal defense of life and justification to join in the work of providing Alternatives.

Meet Marc T. Newman, Ph.D.

Dr. Marc Newman is president of Speaker For Life, a training firm dedicated to equipping pro-life advocates nationwide with public speaking skills.

Marc has spoken at nearly every major pro-life convention in the nation and has trained speakers in the public and private sectors for over 25 years.

His advocacy training has given him the opportunity to appear on national television and to be featured in Time magazine.

As the former director of Speech and Debate at the University of California at Irvine, Marc recently retired from teaching in the doctoral program in the School of Communication and the Arts at Regent University.

He is also a founding faculty member of the new Applied Bioethics program at Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

Marc lives in North San Diego County in California with his wife, Sharon, and their youngest son, Joel.


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