An Evening of Alternatives

Please be our guest to celebrate life and support the ministry of Alternatives.

This fall, we invite you to join us for An Evening of Alternatives with our  featured guest speaker, Evie West, and our gathered community of volunteers, donors, friends and sponsors. This community shares our concern and calling to be the early responders to pregnancy-related crisis when life hangs in the balance.

It’s just one evening — yet it captures the spirit of what we do every day on the front lines of ministry. And it raises vital support to sustain our work throughout the year.

Among our past guests, we have been honored to welcome:

  • Tony Evans, pastor and author
  • Star Parker, founder of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education
  • Eric Metaxas, author, speaker and humorist
  • Claire Culwell, an abortion survivor
  • David Bereit, Executive Director of 40 Days for Life
  • Dr. Marc Newman, President Speaker for Life

In late summer, look for your invitation with ticket and sponsorship details. If you’re not already on our list as a donor, you’re welcome to make a donation today or simply sign up for our email list.