Food for Thought with Adele Funk – Spring Benefit Event

I honestly thought if I forgave myself, something would happen to
my family. Something would happen to my husband. The phone would ring. Grace could not be that free. But I dropped down on my knees, and I forgave myself … and waited for the telephone to ring. But there was dead silence in my house. And I heard the Lord whisper to me, “This is what grace is.”

Adele Funk understands how it feels to live beneath the weight of a secret shame for years. To walk through life, praying no one will unearth what you’ve worked so hard to keep hidden.

But after walking alone for more than two decades with the pain of a past abortion, Adele discovered God’s grace through a Counseling After Abortion group at Alternatives.

Even when you’ve encountered the grace of God, like Adele, it can be difficult to accept it in its entirety. To accept that Jesus’ death on the cross paid your debt in full — no strings attached. But fully experiencing grace comes only when you understand that God needs nothing more from you than to receive it.

And when Adele learned to accept that kind of grace, it changed her life forever. Now she leads other women like herself on their journeys to healing and liberating grace through post-abortion groups at Alternatives.

In the midst of buried grief and hidden shame, it’s never been more vital to share the loving, merciful and free gift of God’s grace with those who are suffering.

Meet Adele Funk

While participating in a Bible study, Adele heard a woman share about her past abortion experience. Adele was floored by this woman’s ability to share about her abortion in public. This pivotal moment in her life started her on a journey to healing and reconciliation that can only be summarized by God’s grace.

Adele is a speaker, leader and advocate for social justice, immigrants and the poor. She mentors women to have hope for the future, leads Counseling After Abortion groups, and founded a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of the poor, disadvantaged and under-employed.

Adele enjoys studying and learning from God and has been a Teaching Leader for Bible Study Fellowship International for 13 years.  She and her husband, Loren, have been married for 40 years and have two grown children and two grandchildren.