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We believe the church is a powerful care connector for those facing life-altering decisions in your community. Now more than ever, we ask you to continue what began in 1973 when the first National Sanctity of Human Life Day was proclaimed to memorialize those lost to abortion. We must all stand firm in the truth that every human being, by virtue of their inherent worth and dignity, deserves to live free from the violence of abortion. We must heed the call to inspire the hearts and minds of individuals of all ages, in churches and communities throughout Denver, to come together in a sacred commitment to protect and rescue human life – the woman, man and preborn.   

The young women will dance for you, and the men – old and young – will join in the celebration. I will turn their mourning into joy. I will comfort them and exchange their sorrow for rejoicing.  – Jeremiah 31:13  

Choosing to follow through with an unplanned pregnancy requires courage and strength. We celebrate with those who choose life in the face of daunting circumstances. Yet we understand that choosing life can also be complex and filled with both joy and sorrow. 

As a part of the community of faith, we want to support you as you thoughtfully navigate discussions around unplanned pregnancy and abortion in your church. 

*Please contact us to schedule a Courageous Conversations workshop, created to equip pastors and church staff in building a culture of compassion and tangible community resources.

*Click here to download our recent article, Prolife and Prochoice: Finding Common Ground Within Your Congregation

We have many ways to partner with you and be a resource for your community and congregation. Check out the options below: 


Build a culture of compassion and support for life through informative and inspiring speakers.

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Baby Bottles

Raise awareness and funds for the free programs and services of Alternatives 

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Share stories of clients, patients, staff and volunteers.

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Digital Resources

Social media posts, church slides and downloadable brochures.

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Information Table

Equip your congregation with important resources and ways to make a difference. 

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Mom and Baby Gift collection

Host a “shower” to support women and babies with tangible resources. 

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Prayers for Building a Culture of Life:

  • Pray that the prolife community—made up of people of faith and secular organizations, nonprofits and political entities, student groups and government agencies—will link arms and fight to end the destruction of unborn lives and the trauma and exploitation of women through abortion violence.
  • Pray that people will come together in compassion to equip every community with resources so that anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy would know there is support and a path to continue their pregnancy and thrive.
  • Pray for hope and help for the teens, women and men Alternatives sees every day who are facing pregnancy, STDs, and post-abortion grief. Pray for those additionally struggling with depression and anxiety, homelessness, addiction, dysfunctional relationships, domestic violence, financial stress and food insecurity.
  • Pray that the community of believers would respond with compassion instead of judgment to single mothers and unmarried parents.
  • Pray that parents and adults would address their own spiritual and mental health issues in order to turn their attention toward the mental health crisis and violence facing the youth of Denver.

Connect with us:

Phone: 303.298.8815 (Administrative) or 303.295.2288 (Helpline)
Email: Kristen@YouhaveAlternatives.org
Mail: 23 Inverness Way East, Suite 101, Englewood, CO 80112