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Your gift of $50 provides the cost of the progesterone medication for one patient.

Your gift of $100 provides one hour of counseling costs for a patient.
A reversal patient averages eight hours of counseling.

Your gift of $500 today will provide one ultrasound. On average five ultrasounds are needed for a reversal patient.


For more information about how the Abortion Pill Reversal process works, please click here.

Why Alternatives?

Every year, thousands of women in the Denver area struggle with decisions surrounding an unexpected pregnancy. These women face tremendous pressure. No matter what they decide, it will have a profound effect on their life.

At Alternatives, we seek to provide a network of support so comprehensive and caring that every woman will be fully informed of her alternatives before making a decision.

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“In almost every case, a woman chooses abortion to accommodate the wishes of others who do not welcome her child,” writes Frederica Mathewes-Green in her book, Real Choices. She draws this conclusion from surveys of women who had abortions at nearly 200 pregnancy care centers.

Counseling has the greatest impact when a young girl or woman first discovers she is pregnant. At this time of crisis, she needs compassionate help from someone who really cares about both her and her baby.

How We Serve

Alternatives Pregnancy Center offers services free of charge to anyone who thinks she may be pregnant, is experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, or is grieving due to a past abortion. We receive contacts through our website, our 24-Hour Helpline and people who recommend Alternatives.

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Crisis Intervention – Our primary aim is to provide our clients with emotional, spiritual and physical support during their time of crisis.

Convenient Clinic Locations – Locations: Denver, Lakewood, Aurora, and Inverness/Englewood.
Pregnancy Options Counseling
– We offer free pregnancy testing and ultrasound services. Through our options counseling, we provide the facts about parenting, adoption and abortion so that a woman can make a fully informed decision. We do not refer for or recommend abortion.

Ultrasound Services – Performed by a sonographer, limited Ultrasound Services are provided for women. An ultrasound can determine viability of pregnancy, gestational age and location of pregnancy.

STD Testing & Treatment – We offer free and confidential STD testing and treatment for women who need a safe place to discover the intimate facts about STDs.

Counseling After Abortion – We provide a safe place for women and men who experience conflicted emotions after an abortion. Through counseling and support groups, they learn to grieve their losses and move forward with their lives in strength.

Relationship Education – Fifty-five percent of our clients have negative pregnancy test results. We take this opportunity to discuss sexual risk avoidance and healthy relationship education, including marriage. We also serve schools, churches, parents and other community organizations by encouraging positive youth development through relationship education and The Diamond Standard Curriculum.

Qualified & Caring Staff – In addition to our professional and medical staff, we rely on volunteers to serve as client advocates. They truly become advocates for the women and men we serve through our full range of programs. We invest in client advocates with extensive training. All our staff and trained client advocates work under the direction and supervision of professional counselors, social workers and physicians.

How You Can Help

We are able to provide Alternatives because you are with us. Through service, prayer and financial support, you help us map a loving path for many who can see no way forward.

You can put your passion for life into action when you take up the cause for Alternatives:

If you know anyone in a pregnancy-related crisis, please make a referral to Alternatives.