Celebrate Life with Us!


Alternatives celebrates life because we believe that every human being —born and prebornis created in God’s image with inherent worth and dignity.  

The ongoing termination of preborn lives is a cultural concern we know you share. As people of faith, we cannot ignore the fact that women and men in our churches, neighborhoods and communities are making life-altering pregnancy decisions at an extremely vulnerable timeRather than receiving the necessary help, decisions are made in secret that change the trajectory of their lives. Alternatives is here to provide nonjudgmental, compassionate care for everyone involved. Walking with someone through this process is a celebration of her lifehis life and the life of the preborn! 

Please join us and turn your social concern into action that will positively impact the lives of this generation and those to come. 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

It is time to see unexpected pregnancy as part of our shared humanity and the tragedy of abortion as a problem that needs to be addressed by all of us, through compassion and authentic support. We are committed to being a resource for your community through education and awareness, so please take a few minutes to look at the following digital resources we have created for you to share with your congregation.


Nelly’s Story

Nelly’s Story with a Staff Intro

Hannah’s Story – Abortion Pill Reversal Client

Why Men Matter

A Message from Lori Arfsten

Scripture Verse Social Media Post
Social Media Post
10 Ways to Take Action Sheet
Services and Support Brochure
Mom and Baby Gifts Needs
Volunteer Opportunities 
A Promising Future Info Letter and A Diamond Standard Curriculum Overview


Please pray for the teens, women and men we serve every day.

  • For all who are in the decision-making process in an unexpected pregnancy. Pray they will find Alternatives and experience our options counseling program.
  • For the health and well-being of teens in your community. Pray for continued opportunities to impact youth through our life-skills education.
  • For all who are hurting over a previous pregnancy decision. Pray that they will seek our Counseling after Abortion support groups to reclaim hope and healing.
  • For the growing number of people who are struggling with an STD. Pray that they will seek testing, treatment and lifestyle counseling at Alternatives

Connect with us:

Phone: 303.298.8815 (Central Office) or 303.295.2288 (Helpline)
Email: SarahP@YouhaveAlternatives.org
Mail: 23 Inverness Way East, Suite 101, Englewood, CO 80112

The statistics cited in Nelly’s story are from the following survey of post-abortive women. Afterabortion.org, (n.d). Appendix Two. A Survey of Aborted Women. Reardon, D, C., Dr. Aborted Women: Silent No More Retrieved December 02, 2020, from https://afterabortion.org/a-survey-of-aborted-women/