Food for Thought with Brady Boyd – Spring Benefit Event

The whole gospel is about adoption. It’s about God choosing you before you chose him. You are a son or a daughter of the most high God, the one who spread out the heavens and who numbers the hairs on your head. That God — he is the one who calls you his own.

Brady Boyd knows the power of being chosen. And as an adoptive father of two, he knows the love it takes to choose someone.

Through a sweet conversation with his son at bedtime, the picture became clear that his heavenly Father had chosen him, just as Brady had chosen his own son.

And when you know you’ve been chosen, it changes how you see the world around you. It changes the way you treat the people God brings into your life.

As the senior pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Brady has seen God’s faithfulness. And through his years, he’s learned the importance of choosing love in the face of affliction — and faith in the face of the unknown.

In times of such uncertainty, it’s never been more important to share with women and men that, not only have they been chosen for life, but they too can choose life.

Meet Brady Boyd

Brady Boyd has been the senior pastor for New Life Church in Colorado Springs since 2007.

He’s passionate about caring for the people of Colorado Springs by opening numerous Dream Centers, an organization dedicated to “caring for and empowering local women and children in poverty.”

He has written five books: Addicted to Busy, Fear No Evil, Sons & Daughters, Let Her Lead and Speak Life.

He has a degree in journalism from Louisiana Tech University, has been a radio announcer for professional baseball and basketball teams and was the sports editor for his college newspaper. Before coming to New Life Church, he served Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, for almost seven years.

Brady is married to his college sweetheart, Pam, and they have two adopted children named Abram and Callie.