Every day, young people encounter choices about life and relationships. Yet they often lack information and role models to help them make wise decisions and avoid risky behavior.

At Alternatives, we see firsthand the pain of unintended consequences that come with uninformed choices. So we take a proactive approach to relationship education through our youth development program, A Promising Future.

Our staff presents workshops on Making Healthy Decisions About Sex. We also provide life skills classes from our 10-session workshop series, The Diamond Standard: Living a Life of Excellence, a positive youth development curriculum. We also offer The Diamond Standard as a curriculum package with instructor training for interested partners.


Hear from Ayinde Russell, Program Manager, how our approach creates A Promising Future for young people.

Making Healthy Decisions About Sex

When it comes to Making Healthy Decisions About Sex, we do more than address risky sexual behavior. We advocate for whole-person health that includes mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual well-being.

We encourage young men and women to consider the benefits of saving all sexual activity for marriage. In the meantime, they can develop relationship skills to serve them well in every area of life — school, career, marriage, family and community.

To book an A Promising Future team member for a Healthy Sexual Decision Making workshop at your school or organization, please provide your information here.

A Promising Future

Through our 10-part workshop series, we help young people discover the keys to whole-person health and equip them through our A Promising Future Curriculum.

Young people are gifted contributors to their communities. They bring richly needed resources to their own life stories and create new potential for the world around them.

They also face significant challenges in their journey to adulthood. Between the ages of 15 and 25, they experience rapid changes in responsibilities and relationships. Barriers to success can emerge from individual choices and environmental challenges, including unintended pregnancy, substance use, illegal activity and poverty. With adequate support and guidance, these barriers can be overcome.

We invite you to learn more about The A Promising Future curriculum, which includes student manuals and options for instructor training.

Providing Alternatives through education

Young people need to know they have alternatives before they make uninformed choices. Through our youth development program, A Promising Future, you can join us to equip them for healthy relationships and successful adulthood.

Consider the contexts where you can have positive influence.

  • Church
  • Community center
  • High school
  • Juvenile detention center
  • Public housing facility
  • Urban ministry

Join us as a volunteer in one of several roles.

  • Lead Classroom Instructor
  • Assistant Classroom Instructor
  • Community Ambassador
  • Youth Leadership Team

Book a speaker to present one of our workshops in the Denver area.

  • Making Healthy Decisions About Sex
  • Training sessions for The Diamond Standard curriculum
  • A custom workshop adapted from The Diamond Standard
  • Understanding Unintended Pregnancy – A classroom discussion about real choices

Become a program sponsor.

To learn more and explore your options to participate in A Promising Future, please call us at 303.298.8815.