Youth Education


Youth are in need of mental and emotional support, caring relationships, positive guidance and access to developmental growth opportunities. Through The Diamond Standard curriculum, students learn about and have the opportunity to cultivate executive skills such as: planning ahead, problem-solving, regulating their thoughts and feelings and engaging with others in healthy ways. 

A Promising Future, the relationship education department of Alternatives Pregnancy Center, is dedicated to cultivating education that encompasses the whole person through our custom-written curriculum, The Diamond Standard.  In addition to this curriculum, A Promising Future has developed the Biblical Discussion Guide for our faith-based partners who want to facilitate conversations that explore biblical concepts that intersect with The Diamond Standard.  

Through training, workshops and youth mentoring, A Promising Future is available to equip students, teachers, youth leaders and parents with the skills to help our youth become healthy adults who are ready to endure adversity and flourish.  

Please contact our A Promising Future team at http://apromisingfuture.com/crew/ or call 303.298.8815 to see how we can best serve you and your students.