Life After

a Choice to Parent

Voices of Courage

We are very excited to share with you a video campaign called “My Choice, My Story”. Four women shared their powerful stories in a series, each revealing why she chose to parent and the lasting effects of her choice. The stories are moving, tragic, and redemptive and should be seen by all women considering abortion.

Lives will be saved with these stories. Please click on the videos below and please help us share them with your friends and family so that the message of life, hope, and redemption reaches everyone who needs to hear it. If you would like to help us create more videos like these, please click the donate button at the end of this page.

Life after a choice to parent

4 Videos

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Through the generosity of community members who funded this project, we created this video series to connect people facing a pregnancy decision and those who have made one in the past, with tangible resources and support. Please partner with us to continue to bring messages of hope and alternatives to women in need.