Volunteer Education

Continuing Education Course

Dates and times: Wednesday, April 3 (9:00–11:00 AM) OR Thursday, April 4 (4:00–6:00 PM)

Location: 23 Inverness Way East, Suite 101, Englewood, CO 80112

What can I learn when first, I listen? In this continuing education workshop plan to engage in self-reflection, collaborative conversations, and perspective-stretching that will challenge what you think you know about the impact of abortion.

Admittedly, humans tend to get comfortable repeating what they hear from platforms and pulpits. However, in this workshop, Amber Havekost, Alternatives Director of Counseling After Abortion, will bring learnings that will teach you new things from the personal places of real client stories. You will be equipped with new levels of empathy and compassion, gain new inspirations and perspectives and leave with takeaways and responses informed by real stories of real people. Truly, no matter what role you participate in at Alternatives—administrative, community, volunteer, client services, medical, organizational, promotional—you will gain such insight that will assist you in your role here but also in the many other contexts of your life and influence.


Client Services Continuing Education

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