Last year, an average of 25 pregnancies were terminated in Colorado every single day. Lack of support is the leading reason women state they choose abortion. 

By donating to Alternatives, you belong to a community of individuals and organizations unified in the belief that every human life, born and pre-born, has inherent worth and dignity. Teens, women and men in the greater Denver area deserve access to non-judgmental, compassionate care and medically accurate education when faced with life-altering decisions. Together we can rise up to meet the challenge of a culture of dehumanization by providing non-violent solutions and authentic support at no cost. Ever. 

  • Your gift of $500 today will help provide an ultrasound scan to a woman facing a pregnancy decision.    
  • Your gift of $100 today helps provide professional counseling for a woman or man emotionally struggling from a past abortion experience.  
  • Your gift of $50 today will help provide a risk assessment, STD testing and lifestyle counseling for a woman with compromised sexual health.