STD Testing & Treatment

What you don’t know and don’t treat can change your quality of life forever.

At Alternatives we offer free and confidential STD testing for women. Once you know the facts, we can present treatment and counseling options based on your results.

STD stands for sexually transmitted disease. Another common term is STI, for sexually transmitted infection. They mean the same thing.

The simple truth is STDs can be transmitted by oral, vaginal or anal sex. Some can create serious risks to your future health and fertility.

STDs may have symptoms such as itching, burning, sores or a rash. But often they don’t have symptoms at all, so you might be infected and not know it.

Getting tested is the only way to be sure and get the treatment you need. Then you can defend yourself with good information.

You have Alternatives.

Free and confidential STD testing and counseling

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Get tested.

  • Free STD testing and treatment for women
  • Free pregnancy testing and support
  • Free ultrasound services

Make healthy decisions about sex.

  • Free options counseling
  • Health care and treatment plans based on your test results
  • Medical referrals to local clinics, Medicaid providers and obstetrician-gynecologists

Common questions about STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are very common. At Alternatives, you can talk confidentially with us and learn how to best care for your health and your relationships.


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