Legacy Men’s Services

As you are faced with a life-altering decision, we want you to know you are not alone.

Men’s Support & Resources

Fatherhood Mentoring

Counseling After Abortion

When you come to Alternatives, you will be served along with your partner with Men’s Support and Resources. With a male client advocate you will process your unique pregnancy circumstances. Free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds are provided with the highest level of care. We provide pregnancy options consultations to help you walk through the decision-making process with care and consideration as you and your partner work through a pregnancy decision.

If you and your partner decide to parent, we will connect you with Fatherhood Mentoring staff.
Together you will be equipped with tools that help you support a healthy pregnancy for your partner and prepare you for the arrival of your child.

If you and your partner are considering adoption, we will work with you and provide referrals to licensed agencies that will help you with an individualized adoption plan.

If you and your partner decide to terminate your pregnancy, know we do not refer for or offer abortion services. What we can help you with is accurate medical information and advocacy so you know what to expect from an abortion process. Through our Counseling After Abortion program, we offer a safe and trusted place to navigate your emotions through individual counseling sessions and we are committed to every individual’s mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

Pregnancy will change your life. Don’t go through it alone.

IMPORTANT: Alternatives will never profit from your pregnancy decision. Our services are always free and confidential. Take time to understand your options and available support before rushing into a pregnancy decision. We can help. Contact us today.

Cultivating A Legacy of Healthy Fatherhood

Our vision is to be a primary life-affirming resource in Denver for all men, fathers, and fathers-to-be. Our core value is to cultivate family wellness through education, pregnancy support and community partnership in Greater Denver. Our goal is to empower men to support their partners and discover how today’s decisions impact their own legacies, their families and future generations.