For Students


If you’re a pregnant student, you deserve to be informed and empowered while completing your education.

If you are pregnant and enrolled at a public university or high school, you have rights and entitlements afforded to you. These entitlements protect you from being unfairly treated because of your pregnancy and ensure that you are able to be successful during your time on campus.

Here are some rights you may not know you have:

  • Pregnant students must be given an adequate recovery period after childbirth to make up any missed assignments or exams.
  • Pregnant athletes are allowed to take a red shirt season while pregnant and should not be dismissed from sports teams because of their pregnancy.
  • You cannot be penalized for any medically necessary absence by a professor or teacher.
  • You have a right to be accommodated with a comfortable testing space within your university or high school while pregnant.

If you want to know more about your rights, please contact our Director of Communications and Community Development at or request an appointment. Alternatives also provides free medical and counseling services and support for college or high school students experiencing pregnancy and sexual-health challenges. If you are in need of a pregnancy test, ultrasound or STD testing, please call our 24-Hour helpline at 303.295.2288 or request an appointment.

If you need transportation to any of our offices, we also offer free uber health rides.

What Does Pregnancy-based Discrimination Look Like?

This type of discrimination can take many forms. The important thing to remember is that as a pregnant student in Colorado you are protected during your time on campus and any concerns you have can be addressed and resolved.

Here are some examples of pregnancy-based discrimination:

  • Anyone discouraging you from continuing your education because of your pregnancy
  • Being asked to leave sports teams, leadership, or campus clubs because of your pregnancy.
  • Professors or teachers not responding to your request for necessary deadline extensions.
  • Not being given an adequate amount of time to complete exams or assignments after childbirth.
  • Being asked to leave school housing while you’re pregnant.
  • Negative comments about your future or pregnant status.

Here are a few more ways we can help:

  • Introduce you to your rights as a pregnant student on campus.
  • Help you facilitate conversations around absence or other accommodations.
  • Support communication with your parents, coaches or teachers regarding your pregnancy.
  • Provide email templates for notifying professors and teachers about your pregnancy.
  • Provide assistance in documenting concerns or violations.
  • Provide referrals for support throughout your pregnancy by connecting you with organizations that provide prenatal care, diapers, housing, and clothes for mom and baby.

I’m Pregnant and Want to Know More.

If you’re a pregnant student anywhere in the Denver area and would like a consultation on your Title IX rights, want help talking with your teachers or administration, or need help combating push out, please contact our Director of Communications and Community Development at to set up a time to talk.