Have you experienced abnormal symptoms related to your menstrual cycle? Are you interested in understanding your own fertility better so you can prevent an unexpected pregnancy? Or would you just like to know more about how your body functions and how to improve your own health?

All of these topics can feel overwhelming and difficult to understand. So, Alternatives is here to provide you with free education and resources to help you feel more confident and able to advocate for your own health.

Classes are now open

Learning how to track your period and understanding the hormonal biomarkers that happen during and after your period can be confusing even as an adult. But understanding how your menstrual cycle works is key to not only your overall health but also to becoming pregnant—or preventing pregnancy if that’s your goal.

Alternatives is here to help you better understand your reproductive health through our free Fertility Education and Medical Management (FEMM) training.

FEMM training is designed to help you understand the function of your reproductive anatomy, provide education that helps you recognize your days of fertility, and equip you to meet your goal of achieving or avoiding pregnancy.

Through the training, we will teach you the method of FEMM charting by observing signs of hormonal change. FEMM training will also empower you to identify signs of health or potential issues so that you can seek the treatment you need as early as possible.

FEMM Training Sessions

Our FEMM instructor will take you through three 90-minute sessions that can be completed one-on-one or in a group setting.

Some of the topics include:

  • The function of your reproductive anatomy
  • Why you have a menstrual cycle
  • How to track your period
  • How pregnancy occurs during your menstrual cycle
  • How to achieve or prevent pregnancy
  • Understanding your health through hormones
  • Recognizing abnormalities in your cycle so you can make informed health decisions

How to Get Started

Please fill out the form below. All sessions are virtual and available in a group or individual setting.


FEMM, a comprehensive women’s health program, is part of the Reproductive Health Research Institute, established to develop and expand ongoing research on reproductive health and endocrinology. Education in FEMM will help you understand what is normal and abnormal about your menstrual cycle so that you can make informed choices.

FEMM training, like all other services provided by Alternatives Pregnancy Center, is completely free to you.

We would encourage you to take this training with your friends! Many women find it very helpful to go through the training sessions with friends so they can discuss it together and help each other become experts in understanding their menstrual cycles.

Our Nurse Manager leads our FEMM training.

All three sessions are available either virtually or in-person at our Downtown Denver clinic—whatever is most comfortable or convenient to you.

During the FEMM training, we will discuss the common contraceptive methods and will give you a copy of our Reproductive Considerations packet which details the effectiveness, side effects and risks associated with each of these methods.

Absolutely—FEMM training will help you understand the different phases of your menstrual cycle and when you are most likely to get pregnant during the month. If this is your goal, we would encourage your spouse to take part in the last session of the training so he can have a better understanding, and you can make informed decisions together.

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