Men’s Support

So she may be pregnant, and now you’re wondering what’s next.

 When you are unsure of what to do with an unplanned pregnancy, you have Alternatives.

At Alternatives Pregnancy Center, we recognize that when your partner is pregnant, you have an important influence on her pregnancy experience. Yet, you may be unsure of how to best support her — or may be wrestling with mixed emotions about the pregnancy yourself.

That’s why we offer free men’s resources and support. Now and for your future, you deserve to consider all the facts about fatherhood, adoption and abortion.

Alternatives’ Men’s Support offers you an individual and confidential space to process your thoughts and desires and explore how you can best support your partner.

You have Alternatives.

Free and confidential support and resources

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  • Free men’s support and pregnancy consultation
  • Individual and confidential space for men to explore how to best support their partners
  • Get the facts about pregnancy options
  • Adoption resources and referrals to licensed agencies