I Got Pregnant From a Sexual Assault – Amber’s Story


I thought — I’m not going to survive this. How could God let this happen?

I kept looking at that little Alternatives flyer on the wall at the shelter. They always told me I needed to go.

But I was living in a lot of fear. During this time, I was trying to decide what was best for my baby — whether I should keep him or give him up for adoption.

When I decided to come to Alternatives, I felt some of that burden lifted. Just sharing it with somebody. Just having Diane to talk to made a world of difference.

Alternatives was the only place that I felt accepted exactly the way that I was. And it was so encouraging every time I came here to continually be prayed for, pointed back in the direction of my relationship with Jesus. To have that gentle advice and support — that’s why I kept coming back.

I remember from all the way back when I was a little girl, hearing those words from Scripture “I knew you in your mother’s womb” and “I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.”

And I came to love this baby more than I ever thought was possible.

My boyfriend kept saying things like, “I really do love you. I want to raise this baby with you.” He was so excited to be a dad. He proposed to me, and we got married.

When Elijah was born, I came back to Alternatives, and we were given so much baby stuff. Things we really needed. Things I didn’t even know we needed.

Every time I talked to Diane, I would be reminded I wasn’t alone and not only was God walking with me, but Alternatives was walking with me, too.