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Can you imagine the vulnerability of sharing your story with the world?

In January of 2022, we launched a social media campaign called ‘My Choice, My Story’ to shine a rare and personal light on women who felt compelled to courageously share their stories. Our first video series, Life After Abortion, highlighted Sarah, Patty, Cassi and Ginger, four women who had the heart to raise awareness about the painful reality and consequences surrounding their abortion experiences. The results of this campaign have been incredible, reaching over 1 million people!

Here are just a few of the comments from people across the country who have seen the videos….

Ginger is courageous to share the truth that abortion regret doesn’t ever go away. I shoved it down into the dungeon of my soul for years and it just grew until I found Jesus! I hope this truth helps women make a decision for life because there will be no regrets.

Been there and done that and it was baby or me. Hardest, most horrible decision I have ever made. Not saying you will still think about it 20+ years down the road but you may, I sure do. There needs to be more information on what it does to your mental health. I’m very glad I had the freedom to have the abortion but still, guilt sits on me hard.

I am pro-choice and I absolutely love how these women’s voices are heard. They made a choice but (this) doesn’t mean anyone should silence them and their experience. Everyone has to experience their own things in life. Everyone’s story is unique and everyone’s story deserves to be heard. Absolutely amazing.

The pain

We are excited to announce that in October of 2022, we filmed our next video series, Life After a Choice to Parent, featuring four women, Tahani, Juana, Chrissy and Katrina. Each woman bravely shared both the challenges they faced in their unexpected pregnancy and the support they received, which ultimately led to their choice to parent. This is the reason why Alternatives needs to exist.

These videos have the ability to influence the minds and hearts of people in our community and to reach people experiencing unplanned pregnancy or abortion grief with needed resources. Please share this newsletter with someone else today and follow mychoicemystory.com.

We are pleased to share Tahani’s story with you today: