Jane’s Story

Alternatives has helped when I’ve had girls that are pregnant, and they have nowhere to turn. They’re scared to death. And then Alternatives does a free ultrasound so these girls can see this life growing inside of them.

I remember a young girl came in, and she was already well along in her pregnancy. She was already showing, but came in for a pregnancy test. And, obviously, the test came up positive.

She wanted to go get an abortion. But because of her age and how far along she already was in the pregnancy, we knew that just was not an option.

So, I immediately called one of the Alternatives counselors, and they met with her and her mom.

They counseled with her for three hours.

Mom cried, and the daughter cried, the counselor cried. But they worked it out and she got her ultrasound at Alternatives.

She had a beautiful, beautiful baby. And, her mom ended up adopting and raising that child. It did not start out as a great situation, but a life was saved.

And a beautiful baby was born.

The neat thing about Alternatives is they are standing with the girls no matter what decision they make. No matter what. It’s not a judgmental thing. That’s something that I’ve not found anywhere else.