Planned giving makes a difference in your life and legacy!

You are familiar with the term “planned giving” because you are financially supporting Alternatives every month as part of your philanthropic “plan”. Your core belief in the value and dignity of human life inspires your giving to be part of the fiscal stability of this incredible mission. Without you, it would be almost impossible to continue growing and expanding the services offered to women and men facing unplanned pregnancy.

I want to invite you to think even a little broader as it relates to the impact your giving can have on the life issue. Whether you have $100 or $1,000,000, there are creative ways to expand your financial commitment to Alternatives.

Planned Giving – For example, suppose there is a unique financial event that occurs in your life, and you have an asset to liquidate. Through our partnership with the National Christian Foundation, you can give real estate, stock or mutual funds or maybe business assets. The tax benefit can be favorable to you personally and fulfill your desire to make an even bigger impact for life.* Click here for more info.

Workplace Giving – Many employers today have a workplace-giving mechanism. They honor their employees’ charitable giving by either matching all or a percentage of what the employee gives to the charity of their choice. It is typically an annual announcement that comes through the workplace HR but don’t wait – ask your employer today about the possibility of matching funds!

The ultimate legacy giving can make a statement to your family and generations to come when you leave a financial gift to Alternatives through your Last Will and Testament or Trust. Your story lives on through the influence of your philanthropy.

For more information on any of the creative ways to give, please reach out to me! It would be an honor for me to schedule a coffee and learn more about your values and how they inform your generosity. It is a relationship-building conversation only without any pressure and solely intended to help you connect deeper with the life-changing mission of Alternatives and the role your giving has in this community.

Linda Pace Saccomano, Executive Director

*Consult your accountant or tax attorney to understand how this type of giving affects your personal financial situation.