I Was Pregnant and Afraid – Rachel’s Story

I didn’t know what the next step was going to bring, but I knew abortion was wrong and that I’d have to live with that… and I’d already been down that path before.

I came to Alternatives broken and wounded. I didn’t trust people, and I was pretty lost.

But my relationships at Alternatives never changed based on how much of a basket case I was. Sometimes it was just to listen to me or be there for me.

For the first time in my whole life, I started to trust. I was able to trust the process and that no matter what, people at Alternatives were going to be there for me.

They were just always there.

It was an up-and-down process. One day I wanted to keep the baby, the next day I didn’t, and then the next day I was going to adopt. It wasn’t until I was pretty far along that I decided I was going to go along for the journey.

That was the Lord’s way of basically saving my life and helping me get my life turned around.

I know it sounds crazy, but in the midst of the fear and confusion, I started to embrace my pregnancy.

I learned to embrace where I was and what I found out is if you push through the fear, the frustration, the uncertainties and the unknowns, that what’s on the other side is just so beautiful.

I can’t imagine my life now without my son and what my life would be like without him and where I’d be.