Roe is no more – just the beginning of a new chapter


Can you even imagine how many news articles, blog posts, social media posts and videos have been written and created around the subject of Roe v Wade in 2022? It must be hundreds of thousands! And that number is growing exponentially since the SCOTUS decision on June 24!

Yet, when we sort through all the words, what does it mean practically speaking? Is unplanned pregnancy going to disappear without Roe? Of course not. So how do we prepare our hearts and minds for this post-decision world?

Keep in mind, that the pro-abortion narrative is built around removing obstacles to abortion access. They don’t want to address a woman’s needs, a woman who may be conflicted about abortion and has a desire to carry her pregnancy to term. What about the woman who is pro-choice, has had an abortion and yet states, “I felt like I had no choice”? How is the pro-abortion narrative serving her? Why don’t they aggressively look to support a woman who is choosing life?

The debate will go on and on at the political level; But we know changing hearts and minds about the tragedy of abortion is done through love, compassion and support. A woman’s heart about her pregnancy is relational – not transactional. Can we agree that the relationship between mother and child is sacred and worthy of the most support possible in our communities?

Alternatives Pregnancy Center is prepared and committed to continuing to:

  • Serve pregnant women with our robust offering of free services at all four clinic locations.
  • Invite her partner into the conversation and support him as part of the decision-making process.
  • Offer each of them mentoring through our Momma Mentoring and Fatherhood Mentoring programs.
  • Provide them with a network of resources, covering a wide variety of needs, to support them in their time of crisis.
  • Reflect the love of Christ with every single client interaction.

Remember life decisions need life support. Your support is an invaluable part of this mission!