Staff Spotlight

“I believe I am here to work with our clients, not to fix our clients.”

Hello, I am Marissa Meyer, the Director of Client Services at our West Metro clinic and the Director of the Counseling after Abortion program. I am a native of Colorado. My husband and I live in Arvada and I have three stepsons. I consider myself a strong woman of faith, after years of wrestling with spirituality and God, as I sought after my sense of purpose both individually and relationally. It was through these “growing pains” that I returned to college after many years to finish my bachelor’s degree in psychology and attain a master’s degree in clinical mental health and working with Alternatives as a graduate student intern.

My therapeutic approach stems from a collaborative and client-centered mentality, meaning, I am here to work with our clients, not fix our clients. As I often like to say, we share sacred space with the women and men who enter our offices. In my dual roles, I am humbled to be someone of support as they work through making a life-altering decision and to be there as they wrestle with a past pregnancy decision and yearn for healing. Yet, the true joy and where I derive my passion is from watching the courageous acts of women and men that we encounter daily. It is through their willingness to be vulnerable and open to hard conversations that make my time with clients not merely a job, but a calling. On the other hand, I also get the honor of the celebratory moments by seeing the joy in moms and dads, as they have fallen in love with their child.

I see the Lord at work every day and Alternatives is a place where blessings occur not just in the offices, but also within our communities. We truly could not do our work without our wonderful team and supporters. Thank you!