Men Deserve Support Too

Pregnancy Center work is unique to our society like never before. Alternatives has risen to meet the needs of a society divided by major differences when it comes to the value of the preborn. However, the work cannot stay the same if we are to adapt to the constant shifts in our culture. The primary focus of pregnancy centers has been on the woman and the decision she has to make regarding her unplanned pregnancy.

We cannot, however, emphasize her voice alone. We cannot forsake the other life involved: the man. If we do, then we leave women with a heavy life decision without input or support from their male partners. This burden is a sobering, lonely reality.  As we meet with clients on a day-to-day basis, we consistently find that when a woman brings her male partner with her, he has thoughts and opinions too. Unfortunately, he may not share them because of the narrative created over the years that abortion and pregnancy-related issues are solely a woman’s issue. By serving men, Alternatives is disrupting the narrative. We want to be countercultural and invest in the lives of all three: the woman, the man and the preborn.

Alternatives established men’s support five years ago to serve the whole family unit. In 2022, the men’s support services saw substantial growth. In one year, we saw an increase of 85% more male clients. Yet, the need to serve men with male volunteers continues to grow.

Going into 2023, we are excited to share how we are reinventing our approach to meet the growing demand for men who are also grappling with an unexpected pregnancy decision. Alternatives’ Men’s Support Services will transition to Legacy Men’s Services! This service will focus on assisting our male clients as they consider the legacy of their life decisions and take an active role in the pregnancy decision. We are prayerfully considering all aspects of the program: branding, resources, training and recruiting. We would love to have you pray alongside us as we continue to build out Legacy Men’s Services.

 We undoubtedly will need more men who are willing to volunteer their time and join our team to help us serve every male who walks through our doors with the care and compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information about men’s services reach out to me, Ethan Van Buskirk, at Ethan@YouhaveAlternatives.org. You can also visit our website to learn about how you can get involved and be a part of this countercultural movement serving men in unexpected pregnancy.