Gen Z and Millennials – important voices on the issue of LIFE!

The large numbers of Millennials and the growing number of Gen Zs are becoming the driving force in the future of the country and our local community. But have we considered their thoughts and beliefs on unplanned pregnancy and abortion? Have we intentionally created space for conversation?  Our staff team was determined to do just that, so we created a college internship with one sole purpose – to produce an event that gives a voice to 20–35-year-old women and men and their thoughts on this important human rights issue.

We are pleased to announce that through the efforts of a senior communications major from Colorado Christian University, Hannah, Alternatives will host the following event on Thursday, April 25 from 6:00–7:30 PM:

Conversations Over Coffee

An evening of curious conversations about the prolife perspective

This compelling gathering will be held at Milk and Honey coffee shop in downtown Denver. The location is a comfortable place for interesting conversation along with great food and a hot cup of coffee that will all be provided for FREE! With facilitation through our Millennial and Gen Z staff, we hope to foster civil dialogue that leads to a greater understanding of the Alternatives approach while providing resources and good information to those who attend.

If you or someone you know is interested in having a meaningful discussion about this very important issue in our culture with others in this same age group, then this is an evening to sign up for. And feel free to bring a friend who shares your passion for curiosity. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

To reserve your spot today, click here.