A Promising Future Update

School is back in full swing for the year and A Promising Future has been using this time to strengthen relationships and connections with community partners and schools. We have been busy meeting with school leadership to share about The Diamond Standard curriculum as well as youth-serving organizations to see how we can support them and what resources we can offer them.

As we look towards the spring, we are preparing to relaunch The Diamond Standard curriculum at Empower Community High School in Aurora as an elective that will be offered twice a week in the spring semester. Because we are not currently in a school full time, we have been offering our free healthy decision-making workshop to various schools in the Denver metro area as a way to support students, school staff, and to get information about our curriculum out in the community.

We have conducted three Diamond Standard curriculum trainings this year, equipping those who impact youth and work with youth. Our last instructor training of the year is November 17-19. If you’re interested in joining us, let us know!

For our faith partners, we are in process of integrating the Biblical Discussion Guide into our Diamond Standard curriculum so that we can support those in spaces of raising up the next generation of Jesus followers.

In all these places we need the support of our Alternatives family. One of the biggest ways you can support us is by coming to a Foundations informational meeting to learn more about our program. We need as many people as we can get to know about what we do and then share that in whatever spaces you are in where there is youth. As we get the word out, more youth can have access to the empowering and equipping skills that are taught through The Diamond Standard curriculum and the work of A Promising Future.