Alternatives Goes Global

Marlene Collins is a medical volunteer with Alternatives. In March, she had the opportunity to go on a medical mission trip to Kenya with Healthcare Christian Fellowship (HCF) Jenni Talcott, Director of Development, had the chance to spend some time with Marlene as she shared her experiences. While in Africa, she utilized the tools she learned from A Promising Future in addition to her nursing background, particularly with Alternatives holistic approach to Sexual Risk Avoidance to support whole-person care.

Marlene shared, “When most people think of a pregnancy resource center they think of an unplanned pregnancy. While this is definitely a major focus, most centers offer much more. The service I focus{ed} on teaching is counseling for sexual risk avoidance. Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) is the most common approach for sexual education. This is not a holistic approach. It addresses only the physical aspect.”

Alternatives utilizes Sexual Risk Avoidance in tandem with a holistic check-in and counseling services to address a person’s health from all aspects: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. This approach is the primary prevention model. In the words of Marlene, “It takes the whole person into account and prioritizes the full prevention of negative consequences by avoiding risky behaviors before a crisis happens. SRA gives strategies for developing healthy relationships, future family formation and the impact waiting for sex can have on academic success. Anytime we talk with young people about relationships or future goals and desires, we are having a Sexual Risk Avoidance conversation. Well-worded, well-timed, appropriately bold questions can get a person thinking about lifestyle choices.”

Marlene presented and taught the SRA approach to the Tenwek Community Health Center and to the wife of Kenya’s Governor! Thanks to her heart for serving others well, Alternatives methods are being heard on the continent of Africa. Marlene finished by saying, “Let’s help our young people make better choices for their lives and their futures.”

A Promising Future also had the opportunity to train and equip a group from Colorado Community Church for their upcoming mission trip to Ethiopia. There’s no telling where Alternatives could end up next!