Combating Abortion Tourism Through Billboards


The heavy reality of living in Colorado is the “abortion tourism” narrative in the mainstream media and social media. We are concerned that thousands of women, flying and driving into Denver seeking abortion services, are still conflicted in their hearts about this life-altering decision. To intercept these women, Alternatives is launching a new element to our advertising strategy in January that includes strategically located electronic billboards with a message of help and hope.

Our desire is to have the 24-Hour Helpline and our website information seen thousands of times over the next three months.  We will track, as best we can, how many women and men come into one of our four clinics because they saw one of the billboards along the freeway.

Alternatives has the budget for this channel of advertising because of YOU, our Lifeline Advocates. Your commitment to regular giving allows us to plan and think strategically about ways to get the message of Alternatives broadcast to this city. And it has the potential of saving hundreds of lives. Thank you!

We hope this is an encouragement as God calls you to use your treasure to help those who need to know abortion is not the solution to unplanned pregnancy.

If you are driving on I-70 or I-25 and see one of the billboards, give us a call and let us know! We would love to hear from you!