Interview with Brittany Wixsom, Community Navigator

Brittany Wixsom joined the Alternatives staff in April 2024 as a Community Navigator. It is a position we have been trying to fill for some time. Many of our clients have barriers to carrying their pregnancy to term that can be addressed through wraparound resources. Brittany is an answer to our prayers!

We caught up with Brittany in between clients to find out more about her and her new role at Alternatives……

Tell our supporters about your background.

I received a master’s in social work at the University of Denver. After I graduated, I went on to work at Colorado Coalition for the Homeless in their family unification program and now I am here with Alternatives and I’m really enjoying it.

What is the main function of this new position?         

Many of our clients and patients are experiencing barriers related to food, housing and medical care. As the community navigator, my role is to offer case management services to help them navigate support services throughout the city.

How do clients and patients find out about you and the help you can provide?

Our counseling and medical teams first assess their basic needs and if they feel that more comprehensive support is needed, they refer them to me to do a holistic assessment.

What type of issues are you trying to uncover?

I am looking for things like unstable housing, limited access to food, employment challenges, struggles accessing health care, childcare and transportation, and any needs for ongoing counseling support.

What are the situations are you seeing so far?

I’m seeing a lot of single moms with young children, experiencing homelessness and looking for secure housing for their family. I am also meeting with many clients who are motivated to improve their employment status and looking for career training and development opportunities.

How do you connect with community agencies that offer additional support?

Since my first week, I have been attending monthly community meetings in each county where business, faith and nonprofit organizations come together to strengthen their partnerships and share resources that we can pass along to our clients and patients.

Help us understand how providing case management services can have a positive impact on someone experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

Case management is a great way to create relationships and provide holistic care to a woman. We hope that we can help her create a network of support – a safety net of services so she feels safe and can make the best choice possible.

What is your hope for case management at Alternatives?

My hope is that every patient and client will not feel alone and that they would know they have resources and a secure starting point for their life as a mom.

Do you find this role personally fulfilling?

Oh, yes. I have always loved working with people in the hard places of life. I love to see them overcome obstacles and succeed. This is exciting!

Your monthly support helped us create and hire this new position at Alternatives. We thank you that we are now seeing more and more people who are served with holistic, real-life solutions that make a decision for life possible. Thank you for your generosity!