Governor Polis signed Senate Bill 23-190 into law

Dear friends of Alternatives,

We are coming to you with difficult and heavy news related to the life-saving work of Alternatives Pregnancy Center. Despite factual information shared through testimonies, phone calls and interviews, today, Governor Polis signed Senate Bill 23-190 into law. 

To summarize the legislation, the bill makes it a deceptive trade practice to advertise that the person provides abortions or emergency contraceptives, or referrals for these services when the person does not provide these specific services. The bill also makes it unprofessional conduct with respect to the provision of abortion services and medication abortion reversal. It declares that it is unprofessional conduct for a person regulated pursuant to Title 12, CRS Colorado Revised Statutes, to provide, prescribe, administer or attempt medication abortion reversal.

This law immediately removes Alternatives’ ability to advertise for or provide Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) medical protocol. APR offers a woman a second chance at a life-saving decision through medical intervention after beginning a medication abortion. Any form of advertising for this treatment results in the possibility of a civil penalty of up to $20,000 for each violation. Since 2016, the licensed, medical care team of Alternatives had 16 women complete the APR process that resulted in the birth of healthy babies. We are so grateful that these unique lives were spared and their parents rejoice that this option existed at the exact moment of their need. We are grieved at the loss of not providing APR, but we have and will continue to abide by the laws of the State of Colorado. In doing so, we will stop our APR advertising and services at this time.

In all forms of advertising, Alternatives clearly states that we do not refer for or provide abortion services or emergency contraception.  We use standard marketing practices to bring awareness of resources for people who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. As of now, it is within our legal right to do so.

Alternatives will continue to reach and serve the people in our community who need radical love and care when facing a life-altering pregnancy decision. We will do this through advertising, expanding our holistic care and leaning into YOUR unrelenting support. If we have ever needed your prayers, solidarity and commitment to life, IT IS NOW! Please stand with us as we move forward. Not one of us should stop this fight for humanity until every person knows that in an unplanned pregnancy they will have all the care and tangible resources that they need for themselves and their child to thrive! It will be all of us, working together, that can make this a reality.

Let’s fight the good fight and continue to run the race toward justice for all—including the preborn. 

“But you must return to your God; maintain love and justice, and wait for your God always.” – Hosea 12:6

The Alternatives Team