Let’s Get Real About the Holidays

I am reflecting on this final Lifeline Advocate Newsletter of 2022 and asking; Can it be the Holiday Season…already?! It seems stressful to consider all the activities, shopping, cooking and eating that will be done over the next 75 days. 

So, can you imagine how the Holiday Season affects the women, men and families we serve? Let’s think about what they are facing. 

  • Maybe she is in the hard place of making a life decision about her pregnancy as she considers if she can even afford Christmas gifts for her other kiddos. 
  • Or, she is thinking about how excited her classmates are for the holidays but she has just had an abortion and is grieving.
  • Or, his girlfriend is pregnant and he cannot even believe he has to tell his parents right before Thanksgiving. 
  • Or, she is finishing her first semester of college and going home for the Holidays and will tell her parents that she is pregnant. 

The list is endless – really. 

This is a real talk about real circumstances in all communities of Denver. Alternatives is here to help navigate these sad, difficult and challenging situations. God gives us opportunities in times of need. 

This holiday season, I am grateful for a staff and volunteer team who are dedicated to meeting these needs in a holistic way. That means we take time to address the holistic health of each person – physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs. In building connections and relationships, we are evangelizing through actions. And we know the Lord will use our actions to His purpose and glory. 

I am grateful to you, our Lifeline Advocates, for making it possible through your financial generosity to proclaim hope, healing, restoration and life every day.  

May your Holidays be blessed with peace, joy and love.