Hurting After a Pregnancy Decision?

When you’ve terminated a pregnancy, it’s normal to experience mixed emotions, even years later.

Maybe you hoped for a sense of relief and a chance to move on with your life. Perhaps you felt sadness or struggled to make peace with your decision.

And maybe you kept your abortion a secret out of fear that people would judge you or treat you differently if they knew.

Many women have these kinds of feelings and reactions after abortion. You’re not alone.

At Alternatives, we provide a safe and trusted place to talk after your abortion, whether it was recent or many years ago.

Our counselors can help you identify how it has affected you and your relationships. We provide resources that can bring healing and encouragement as you go forward in life.

With caring support, you can understand your losses and walk the path to peace.

You have Alternatives.

Confidential counseling and free support groups after abortion

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after abortion.

  • A safe place to talk with a trained post-abortion counselor
  • Opportunity to participate in a confidential support group
  • Recommended resources for personal reflection and growth

Common questions after abortion

Whether your abortion was recent or many years ago, it’s important to seek support for your healing process. At Alternatives, we focus on questions that affect your emotional, relational and spiritual well-being.


Is it normal to feel emotional pain after an abortion?

  • You may experience a range of emotions after abortion, such as …
  • A sense of relief.
  • Conflicted feelings about your decision.
  • Sadness, anger or guilt, either immediately or years later.

An abortion can have a profound effect on your life. At Alternatives, we have walked alongside many women before and after abortion. We understand the complexity of the decision and the pain that can follow. We’re here for you.

What kinds of losses might I experience after abortion?

  • Your baby.
  • Broken relationships.
  • Hopes and dreams.
  • Your ability to trust.
  • Your personal beliefs.

Naming and acknowledging your losses is an important step toward peace. At Alternatives, we can help you identify your losses and understand the impact they’ve had on your life. Doing so enables you to begin the journey of healing.

What are the signs that I need counseling or support after abortion?

  • You may feel sad, empty, depressed or hopeless.
  • You may feel angry, anxious, regretful or detached from relationships
  • You may have doubts or questions that won’t go away.
  • You may try to ignore, deny or cope with your feelings — perhaps by eating, drinking, using drugs or engaging in harmful behaviors.
  • You may keep your feelings bottled up and feel very isolated or alone.

These feelings can be hard to sort out. At Alternatives, we are here to listen and help. You can call right now to talk confidentially with us and learn about the post-abortion services we offer.

What does post-abortion recovery look like?

  • Telling your story.
  • Having a safe place to be honest about your feelings, without judgment.
  • Identifying and grieving your losses.
  • Forgiving yourself and others.

With Alternatives, your journey of recovery after abortion can begin with a phone call and personal counseling. We also invite you to consider a confidential support group where women share their stories and encourage one another in their journeys toward healing.

How do I know it’s the right time to reach out to Alternatives?

  • If you are ready to find freedom from emotional pain.
  • If you are tired of pretending everything is okay.
  • If you want to silence the “if only” voices in your head.
  • If you desire deeper trust in your relationships.
  • If you want to live more fully with hope for your future.

It’s time to care for yourself and begin this journey — the path that leads to peace. At Alternatives, we encourage you each step of the way.

More Questions?

If you have more questions about post-abortion counseling or how to find support after your abortion, please call our 24-Hour Helpline: 303.295.2288. It’s free and confidential. We’re here for you, so you can talk to us right now and request an appointment.

No matter how long its been, You have Alternatives.

You’re not alone – listen to Susan’s story