Impacts of the Pandemic on Pregnancy Decisions

In the midst of a global pandemic, a choice had to be made; yet, I did not realize the aftermath would be so emotionally heavy.” – client comment 

 While the current pandemic over the past months may have halted certain areas of our lives, there was an aspect of being human that left women and men in a place of still seeking out “Alternatives”, due to the need to make a pregnancy decision. With uncertainty and a level of fear looming over humanity regarding jobs, one’s health, finances, and the solidity of relationships, making a confident choice about a pregnancy has become even more of a challenge. As an essential health care provider under COVID-19 regulations, Alternatives continued to hear from women and men at difficult choice points trying to navigate all of the societal changes, along with the reality of a pregnancy. 

Yet, as all of us are coming out of hibernation, if you will, the reality of the pregnancy and the decision to end it has not left women and men unscathed. In fact, as we talk and meet with clients, the ramifications of an unplanned pregnancy during the pandemic were heightened due to isolation and the sense of needing to make a hastened decision because of a variety of unknown factors. Thankfully, women and men are reaching out to us to seek help and share their stories, to the point of feeling safe enough to meet with us in-person. There is clear communication from our clients that our services are needed, helpful, and appreciated, because the alternative would be to go through this alone. As we know, healing does not occur in isolation, and it has been a privilege to be here for our clients during these unprecedented times. 

Written by: Marissa Meyer, MA, LPC, NCC
Director of Counseling After Abortion