I Was Homeless and Pregnant – Rhianna’s Story

I was in kind of a tough situation to decide to keep a baby. I needed support and encouragement. But when I got (to Alternatives), the person I met with was very encouraging and supportive of my decision.

I was also really concerned I wouldn’t have the proper stuff to take care of the baby and the proper resources to get housing. I needed to know what my options were and where to get food and diapers and formula and how to apply for Medicaid.

Alternatives provided me with all of that.

I met with Dina. She was friendly, and she made me feel comfortable. She called me periodically throughout my pregnancy just to check on me. It was so encouraging just knowing I could do it and that whatever choices I made, somebody had my back.

The baby’s dad and I have been married a year now, and my daughter just turned 1. She’s so smart and beautiful. I’m not in the halfway house anymore, and I just graduated from the program at Purple Door Coffee. Now, I’m taking an accounting class at a trade school to learn how to do bookkeeping.

Having a place like Alternatives — that believes in me and encourages me — helped me to get where I am. They’re always there to encourage me and let me know I have worth and that I can do anything I put my mind to. I’ve never had somebody like that.

I would tell any woman like me no matter what she decided, Alternatives will walk alongside her. Because she’s not alone. She can be kind and compassionate to herself and grant herself grace. It makes everything harder when you’re hard on yourself, so you need to love yourself and be kind to yourself.