Serving Across Languages and Cultures

Aurora is one of the most diverse cities in Colorado. With a population estimate of 399,913 in 2023, it is the third-largest city in the state.¹ According to Auroragov.org, 32% of the city’s residents speak a language other than English at home. This creates a unique opportunity for Alternatives East Metro clinic as we seek to serve each client with dignity during conversations around unplanned pregnancy, ultrasound scans and STD Testing & Treatment. Understanding the perspective of everyone we serve is crucial. And the staff at this clinic location, in particular, is navigating what it looks like to work through possible language barriers and come alongside our migrant brothers and sisters in our city.

Recently Client Services Associate, Rachel Buterbaugh, experienced this firsthand as she provided care and compassion to four women encountering crisis.

A woman sought pregnancy test services from the East Metro clinic. Initially, her pregnancy test was negative, but at the second appointment, it was positive. This woman was from Mexico and exclusively spoke Spanish. With all her family in Mexico, she was receiving pressure from her husband to have an abortion. Rachel connected her with resources for medical coverage, material assistance and employment. Rachel stated, “Without us [Alternatives], I don’t know what this woman and her children would do. It is still a hard road, but now she has the resources.”

A couple new to the United States from Nepal needed assistance when they found out they were pregnant with their first child. They were newly married, and their families were still overseas in Nepal. They were worried about the symptoms the woman was having and were unsure how to navigate the healthcare system. To complicate the situation, neither of them spoke English. Through translation services paid for by Alternatives, Boost Lingo, Rachel could communicate with them in their native tongue and provide a starting point for resources to alleviate their anxieties.

A woman from Russia came to Alternatives after finding out she was pregnant. Her boyfriend left her when he found out and wanted her to have an abortion. The woman wants to parent despite having no support from her partner, yet she doesn’t know where to start. She exclusively speaks Russian and was unaware of the resources available to equip her in her parenting journey.

An Afghan woman brought two pregnant friends to Alternatives after her experience at East Metro. She currently has a 9-month-old and recently found out she is pregnant again. She left Afghanistan when she was seven months pregnant and speaks very little English. Through Uber Health ride services, the woman was able to attend her appointments, receive a Mom & Baby gift bag and obtain resources. Rachel connected her to a local Afghan group for refugees where the woman developed friendships and community.

Though every story is individualized to the person experiencing it, they all have common threads. Without Alternatives using HIPAA-compliant translation services (Boost Lingo), these clients could not be served.

Alternatives is breaking down language barriers to show up for the community of Aurora. No matter how or where clients come from (Mexico, Nepal, Russia, Afghanistan and more), Alternatives is here to bring care and compassion to all who walk through the doors. Always.

This would not be possible with YOU, our generous Lifeline Advocates! Thank you for making an impact through your philanthropy.