What you should know about the Reproductive Health Equity Act

There has been so much in the local news about House Bill 22-1279; The Reproductive Health Equity Act, or RHEA.  Pro-abortion legislators designed the bill to codify abortion access into the state constitution. The pending federal Supreme Court decision on Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization could possibly overturn Roe v Wade thus leaving abortion laws at the state level. Colorado legislators moved swiftly to strengthen the already liberal abortion laws and introduced HB22-1279 on March 3, 2022.

Executive Director, Linda Pace Saccomano joined over 350 pro-life advocates who testified in opposition to the legislation in front of the House Health & Insurance Committee on March 9. Linda then spoke to a rally on the State Capitol steps where hundreds of people who support women, men and the pre-born gathered to make their voices heard.

RHEA is concerning for various reasons but the language stating “a fertilized egg, embryo or fetus does not have independent or derivative rights under the laws of the state” takes away all protections of the preborn. The bill holds many implications for those of us who believe in the scientific truth that life begins at conception.

After the bill was passed by the House of Representatives, Linda joined many other life advocates and groups again to testify in opposition to the bill in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill has now been passed by the full Senate and is sitting on the desk of Governor Jared Polis for signature into law. It is expected that the Governor will sign it before the deadline.

What does this mean to the work of Alternatives? Good question. It can feel like we are fighting an uphill battle. However, we know the TRUTH that women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy decision need help and support – no matter the political landscape. The programs and services of Alternatives are needed now more than ever. Women need to find Alternatives before they visit an abortion clinic. They need to know there is support, education and resources available so they do not have to choose between their career and the life of their unborn!

Our work is intense but it is a calling from God. Thank you for supporting the daily difficult work of Alternatives Pregnancy Center.