Sneak Peak

Save the date, October 7, to join us for a historic evening, Alternatives Night at the Museum! A unique gala experience at the Denver Nature and Science Museum. Sponsorships are available at various levels: $10,000, $5,000 or $2,500, or sponsor a table of 8 guests for $1,000. Let it be a night where we bravely […]

Alternatives Goes Global

Marlene Collins is a medical volunteer with Alternatives. In March, she had the opportunity to go on a medical mission trip to Kenya with Healthcare Christian Fellowship (HCF) Jenni Talcott, Director of Development, had the chance to spend some time with Marlene as she shared her experiences. While in Africa, she utilized the tools she […]

Staff Spotlight

Behind every great staff member God has blessed Alternatives with, there’s a greater story. I am no different. God gave me a story that often silences abortion supporters, converts hearts and inspires hope. I conceived in rape at the age of 18. The world said my son’s life didn’t matter. They said I’d be a […]


A couple of summers back, I worked as a wilderness guide for a Bible camp in Alaska. Each week, I would help take a different group of teens out into the wilderness. It was always a new adventure fraught with unknown challenges. If you’ve ever done any sort of wilderness outing, you know how important […]

Staff Spotlight

Amber Havekost, Director of Counseling After Abortion, shares her highlights and experiences in working with women who are processing past abortion decisions. The reality of the abortion decision. It is life-altering; complex; often caught up in the tyranny of the urgent. Decisions to make, some forced, some for convenience, many seemingly inconsequential, but none with […]

Easter – A Season for Reflection on Death, Burial and Resurrection

If you’ve ever stopped to marvel at creation, you’ve discovered that there is no lack of things to appreciate. One of my favorites is the perseverance of new growth. No matter the conditions, plants somehow find a way. You’ve seen it. The head of a new fern peeking through concrete; a delicate pansy bursting up […]

Legislative News

Over the last several weeks, members of Colorado’s House and Senate have been deliberating on the Safe Access to Protected Health Care package. One of the three bills in this package, SB23-190, will directly impact Alternatives by banning our ability to provide Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) treatment and limiting our advertising. As a valued member […]

The Power of Parenting

“In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since.” -The Great Gatsby These are the opening words of what many consider to be F. Scott Fitzgerald’s defining work. It’s a reminder that story is one of the most powerful tools of […]

Alternatives Alert: Proposed Legislation Attacks Pregnancy Resource Centers

Alternatives Pregnancy Center’s full response to the “Safe Access to Protected Healthcare” package proposed by The Colorado General Assembly.  One of the three bills in this package is SB23-190 Prohibiting Deceptive Practices at Anti-Abortion Centers. The intent of this bill is to:  Ban Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) treatment by Pregnancy Resource Centers  Ban the advertising […]

Men Deserve Support Too

Pregnancy Center work is unique to our society like never before. Alternatives has risen to meet the needs of a society divided by major differences when it comes to the value of the preborn. However, the work cannot stay the same if we are to adapt to the constant shifts in our culture. The primary […]