Legislative News

Over the last several weeks, members of Colorado’s House and Senate have been deliberating on the Safe Access to Protected Health Care package. One of the three bills in this […]

The Power of Parenting

“In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since.” -The Great Gatsby These are the opening […]

Men Deserve Support Too

Pregnancy Center work is unique to our society like never before. Alternatives has risen to meet the needs of a society divided by major differences when it comes to the […]

Sanctity of Human Life 2023

Sanctity: of ultimate importance and inviolability (never to be broken, infringed, or dishonored). In 1973, in the wake of Roe v. Wade, National Sanctity of Human Life Day was proclaimed […]

My Choice, My Story – Be the first to know

Can you imagine the vulnerability of sharing your story with the world? In January of 2022, we launched a social media campaign called ‘My Choice, My Story’ to shine a […]

Combating Abortion Tourism Through Billboards

EXCITING NEW ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN TO THE ABORTION DETERMINED COMING INTO COLORADO! The heavy reality of living in Colorado is the “abortion tourism” narrative in the mainstream media and social media. […]

Let’s Get Real About the Holidays

I am reflecting on this final Lifeline Advocate Newsletter of 2022 and asking; Can it be the Holiday Season…already?! It seems stressful to consider all the activities, shopping, cooking and […]

Honoring Maureen Yockey

In 1996, an inspiring person attended Equipped to Serve, our volunteer training for women and men interested in serving clients. This volunteer was Maureen Yockey. Maureen was working for Xerox […]