Janet’s Story

“Women are told everything will be over and you won’t have to think about this again.” Janet  I was a senior in high school. It was prom night and I got pregnant. So, I went to a doctor, he confirmed the pregnancy, and asked me how far along I was — and I lied. He […]

Molly’s Story

“I’m having this abortion and it will be my secret that I carry for the rest of my life.” When I went through my divorce, I didn’t know who I was anymore.

Rhianna’s Story

I needed support and encouragement. I was in kind of a tough situation to decide to keep a baby. But when I got there, the person I met with was very encouraging and supportive of my decision. I was also really concerned that I wouldn’t have the proper stuff to take care of the baby […]

Marty’s Story

The core of my story is me being adopted. So I was adopted at two months old and into a very loving home. One of my first jobs was at a neighborhood market. And I ended up falling in love with my first love there. And we started our relationship and we’re together for three […]

Kirsten’s Story

My mom and I used to volunteer frequently for Alternatives. We would set up the tables inside of the church to bring awareness about the organization. When I was 19, I became pregnant, and I wasn’t sure what to do. So, I decided that I should call Alternatives.

Shay’s Story

Our church was promoting volunteering for Alternatives. I’ve been retired for about eight years, and it gives me a chance to do the things that I wanted to do forever. So I got involved in the volunteer training, and I learned even though you want to help someone, you really have to have the tools and know how to care. […]

Celeste’s Story

When I found out I was having twins, I knew everything in my life was about to change. I knew I was going to have them, but in my mind, I didn’t know how I was going to do it. I called the after-hours number for Alternatives, and they gave me the information for the […]

Jane’s Story

Alternatives has helped when I’ve had girls that are pregnant, and they have nowhere to turn. They’re scared to death. And then Alternatives does a free ultrasound so these girls can see this life growing inside of them. I remember a young girl came in, and she was already well along in her pregnancy. She […]

Annie’s Story

I was at a very wonderful time in my life. I was going on 27, I had been married for seven years, and I had a beautiful 2-year-old. But one day my husband came home from a business trip and said he didn’t want to be married anymore. I was 11 weeks pregnant.

Pastor Andy’s Story

  One of the pieces that is especially attractive to a pastor is that Alternatives is pastoral in the way that it reaches out to the community. Very gentle-hearted. Very much involved in listening to the hearts of people. And reaching to their deepest need and seeking to minister in that place and in that […]